Senior Leadership Academy

EDG creates customized senior leadership academies for its clients.  Target populations include chairs, division chiefs, practice leaders, senior administrative leaders and high potentials.  After an initial needs assessment, a program is developed which includes:


·         Initial 2 day retreat

·         5-10 Follow-up sessions in a flexible format on topics identified through the needs assessment

o        1 day or 3-4 hours each depending on results of needs assessment

o        Reinforcing and building upon initial retreat

·         Action learning projects

·         Supplemental readings

·         Self-assessemnt instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, FIRO-B and the Leadership Practices Inventory

·         Customized 360 feedback

EDG’s approach includes a designated faculty for the entire program.  Our facilitator’s work as a team to ensure a seamless integration of the modules while allowing participants to be exposed to different styles as well as particular areas of expertise.  All of our facilitators will be present at the retreat to establish relationships as well as better understand the dynamics of the group.

The program is built around a leadership practices model to ensure that the sessions will follow a common thread.  The result will be an integrated program rather than just a series of sessions.  Each of the modules will flow in a logical sequence to provide a consistent framework and approach reinforcing the goals of the program.  EDG has a proven record of success teaching and coaching physicians, researchers and administrative leaders demonstrated across multiple healthcare institutions. 

Programs are designed so that the participants regardless of their previous training will benefit and gain meaningful insights and learnings.  This is accomplished through content and a process which allows participants to self-assess themselves and set individual goals regardless of their previous training experiences.

To reinforce the skills being taught, help develop networks and foster collaborative action, we also can institute an organization generated initiatives or case studies for participants to work on together in small group teams during the program.  This approach also allows them to apply key learnings from the program as well as work on issues of importance to the organization.


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