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Executive Development Group, LLC is a management consulting firm with expertise in providing customized physician and administrative leadership programs for Academic Medical Centers, Cancer Centers and Healthcare Systems.  Target populations include physicians, researchers and administrative leaders.  For over 25 years our faculty has built collaborative partnerships and developed programs that enabled our clients to successfully achieve their goals and objectives.

Our programs are highly interactive, are based on adult learning theory and provide skills that have immediate application and sustainability. Since we don't have "off the shelf" programs, and base all our development on models that have been proven successful with physician and administrative leaders in healthcare, our clients get the benefit of a customized program without having to "reinvent the wheel".

Our Approach

EDG's philosophy of customizing all of its programs also gives us the flexibility to better meet the needs of our clients during times of budget constraints.  Our ability to design programs with only the essential components for each client, allows us to deliver the most relevant services in a cost effective manner without sacrificing quality.  

Prior to initiating a program, we complete a rapid needs assessment to ensure that we are targeting our resources and have a direct line of sight to the key issues of the organization.  Because EDG has worked in academic healthcare, medical centers, cancer centers, with government agencies and in a wide variety of industries, we bring not only "best practices" but "next practices" to each client we serve.  These unique, highly competitive and turbulent times requires an organization to be adaptive, focused and able to address any issue that they are confronted with. 

Results Achieved

  •  Enhanced ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve the institution’s mission and goals
  • Leaders are able to focus on the more strategic aspects of their positions through building effective teams within their area
  • Leaders setting measurable goals for their objectives
  • Increased accountability
  • The ability to address conflict earlier resulting in less time and energy spent on unresolved issues
  • More effective coaching and counseling of staff thereby increasing their development
  • Increased collaborative behavior, breaking down silos
  • Style change to avoid micromanagement
  • Leadership skills create a more effective learning environment (less fear and intimidation)

EDG's programs are:

- Practical/user friendly

 -  Provides skills-- immediate application

-   Highly interactive

-  Address “Live” issues

-  Sustainable

-  Encompasses skills into an overall leadership model framework

EDG's Philosophy:

  • Partner/Collaborate
  • Customization
  • Relevant to culture
  • Create a common language
  • Utilize best existing resources
  • Establishing measurable goals for success
  • Facilitated by an EDG faculty team experienced in healthcare


Executive Development Group, LLC | 2236 Suffron Hills Ct. | Henderson, NV 89044
Phone: 702.272.1970| Fax:  702.272.0254

Contact: mitchell@developingexecutives.com