Competency Development

A set of behavioral competencies for each of the key positions identified within the organization.  These will allow for:

¨      A consistent system for identifying success factors for positions within the organization

¨      A guidepost for people to understand what it takes to succeed within the organization

¨      Better ability to develop career paths

¨      Opportunities for individuals to develop skills that have an impact on business results

¨      Increase the success of recruitment efforts to identify successful candidates

¨      Better ability to identify and develop high potentials


1.      Meet with client and review background and identify key positions for competency development.  Review current job descriptions and accountabilities.  Develop initial set of competencies

2.      Review with other key resource people (steering committee)

3.      Identify members for focus groups (i.e. expert panels) to validate competencies.  Analyze results and define behavioral descriptions of competencies and business consequences of employees not displaying these behaviors.  Sample to include both management and non-management employees

4.      Develop final set of competencies

5.      Validate with key leaders within the organization

6.      Roll out to the organization

7.      Coordinate with selection, training, 360 feedback and performance management programs

Additional Information

1.      Focus groups would be conducted by a variety of methods including face to face, on-line survey and “virtual” focus groups, etc.

2.      Depending upon the level of depth desired, we could identify competencies by position as well as by level

3.      In the past we have looked to partner with internal personnel whenever possible and appropriate in conducting the focus groups.  However, we do have the capability to conduct all focus groups

4.      We would use the final competencies to build a 360 feedback instrument in order to insure consistency

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