Career Development

A Career Path/Development Process provides employees with a well-defined system to manage their own professional development.

In order for this system to be effective, it is important that employees understand and have visibility to the opportunities offered to help them grow and develop professionally.  Research has shown that career development is a key component of employee satisfaction and willingness to remain with an employer.  Knowledge workers especially tend to focus on their professional and skills development as a critical driver in their decision to remain with an organization.


Both in the employee recruitment process as well as the development process it is important that the individual be cognizant of the criteria and steps it will take to grow professionally and move their careers forward.  In addition, it is key from an organizational perspective, to continuously provide professional development in order to grow the organizations bench strength and ensure that there is a flow of talent throughout the organization.  It is therefore clear that a Career Path/Development Process has considerable benefits from both an individual employee and an overall organizational perspective. 


EDG will work with you to develop a process for the unique needs of your organization.

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