Mentoring Programs

The purpose of a Mentoring Program is to prepare the next generation of managers and scientific leaders for future positions of increased responsibility and accountability.  Positioning senior leaders as trusted advisors and counselors to selected high potential individuals will facilitate the transfer of the strategic perspective, organizational savvy and the desired set of leadership behaviors to the next generation of leaders.  This program is an integral part of a systemic process to develop organizational and individual capabilities and attract, retain, and grow the talent base.

Specific goals of the program span scientific, business, and leadership effectiveness areas.  Within an atmosphere of accelerated learning, the intent is to challenge individuals to achieve greater organizational impact and thereby reach their full potential in terms of professional and personal growth. 

Specific objectives include:

·      Transfer scientific, administrative and leadership knowledge to the participant

·      Drive organizational learning across functions and departments, transitioning to a culture where sharing is a standard mode of operation

·      Broaden organizational insight and thus personal effectiveness

·      Address personal development gaps with objective feedback and coaching

·      Shape a clearer and realistic career plan

·      Support innovation and risk taking by providing a safe environment for exploration, discussion, and feedback

·      Embed a two-way learning and networking mechanism that links the pipeline of current and future leaders

·      Create a network and communication platform across hierarchies, functions, departments, programs and centers

Key outcomes of the Mentoring Program are expected to directly impact the results of the organization.  A significantly expanded understanding of the leadership roles should allow participants to make better career choices that will leverage their talents against the needs of the organization.  The development of a sharper strategic perspective will allow these individuals to influence the organization’s strategy and execution plans with a higher degree of impact.  It is expected that individuals will demonstrate new knowledge or insight in their daily work during and after the program.  This experience should build a critical mass of high potential leaders that understand what it means to be a role model for the organization and also actively sponsor a culture of development, coaching and mentoring.

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