Needs Assessment

Leadership Needs Assessment


In today’s competitive and dynamic healthcare environment, effective leadership at all levels of the organization provides a clear competitive advantage in achieving strategic transitional objectives, high levels of patient care and satisfaction, and in the recruitment and retention of staff.


A leadership needs assessment is a fast track initial step designed to identify where and how to begin the process of leadership development in a systematic process aligned with the organization’s strategic direction.


The goals of a needs assessment are to:


  • Identify the current and future challenges at the Institution.
  • Elicit feedback about the leadership skills necessary for addressing these challenges.
  • Gap analysis between current level of skills and future requirements.
  • Identification of organizational factors inhibiting or assisting development.
  • Determination of “desired end state” as well as the key deliverables and metrics for success.
  • Understand the culture of the organization and its successes.
  • Explain the benefits of a leadership development program from both an individual and institutional point of view.
  • Acquaint stakeholders with some of EDG’s program successes in leadership development in other medical institutions and show how a leadership development program will help them address more effectively some of the challenges they face as leaders.

The process is conducted through a series of semi-structured interviews in both an individual and small group format to engage stakeholders in a discussion on institutional and individual leadership challenges.

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