High Performing Teamwork

High performing teams just don’t happen; a proactive team building alignment effort is needed.  Executive Development Group brings key learnings and “best practices” from its work with teams from various industries.  We use a pragmatic approach designed to produce results.


An effective leadership team drives the success of the organization.  Teamwork is built, it doesn’t just happen.  Ineffective teamwork robs the potential from any organization.


This process instills team awareness, develops team skills and develops an organization’s capacity to perform and deliver better results through teamwork. It enables any team to assess how it currently operates and identifies what it does well and what it needs to improve on in order to achieve high performance.  It confronts the pressing concerns within the team.  Through facilitated dialogue and problem solving amongst members, actionable solutions are created.  These solutions lead to a heightened awareness of how a team operates, clearer roles and accountabilities, and enhanced collaboration


What is Team Alignment?

A pragmatic process designed to accelerate team performance.  EDG consultants help a team assess its current status and identify ways the team can enhance its overall effectiveness. 


Assist in identifying the issues confronting the team, surface any obstacles that are in the way of building strong team member relationships, and help the team create action plans that will allow it to achieve peak performance.

Enable organizations to develop new types of teams and partnerships to meet changing needs. Traditional vertical organizations may require new cross‑functional teams to lead improvement efforts across organizational boundaries.

Our approach is designed to be thoroughly integrated into an organization's operations and can be implemented in "real time" while the team is performing its work.


Specifically, the goals of a team acceleration effort are to provide team members with:


·         A better understanding of differences in work styles and preferences

·         An effective mechanism for solving problems in developing win-win solutions

·         Clarification of the role of this team and its impact on the rest of the organization

·         Identification of skill areas needing support

·         Group’s operating philosophy

·         Clarification of goals, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

·         Norms for handling conflict, making decisions, etc.

·         Identifying points of intersection between team members

·         Developing the model to role down to the rest of the organization


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