Our approach is to provide skills, content and practical examples referencing participant’s “work environment.”  Group discussions and exercises will focus on how these skills can be applied to their areas of responsibility.  In each session, they will have the opportunity to practice these skills, obtain real time feedback and create action plans.

EDG programs are differentiated from others in that they are highly relevant to the participants given our experience with physicians, researchers and administrative leaders across numerous healthcare centers throughout the country.  Our feedback indicates that participants find the material pragmatic and has a direct line of sight to the issues they face.  The self-awareness models produce breakthroughs in thinking which allow the participants to apply their learning immediately.  This is feedback we have received consistently from past participants and demonstrated by the fact that many graduates have pushed the skills they have learned down and across their organizations through the use of team alignments, mentoring programs, skills training and coaching.

EDG’s programs are built to sustain the learnings by continually reinforcing principles and skills and enabling participants to develop action plans.  Furthermore, graduates of our programs have recommended EDG to their peers at other institutions.

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