Visioning and Strategy Development

Realizing enhanced strategic thinking and perspective at every level of the organization is a development objective of most institutions today.  Executive Development Group addresses this from both the thought process and the technical skills behind strategy.  In combination, these concepts allow visionaries and strategists to articulate breakthrough operating models and also enable managers and individual contributors to align their teams, actions and mindset in a strategic fashion.  Training in this subject area can focus on individual, department, center or project vision.

EDG can help you to:

·         Define the vision and strategic direction for your area of responsibility

·         Assess how your area currently operates

·         Identify what is working well, supports the strategic direction and what may need to shift or change

·         Identify individual competencies and behaviors that support strategic targets

·         Understand the thought processes that inhibit and/or support the development and implementation of strategy

·         Create the ability to define operating models, organization designs and cultures that are aligned for success

·         Build strategic thinking into organizational initiatives, projects and day-to-day decisions in terms of goals and resource allocations

·         Create action plans to achieve the strategic direction and results


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