Mentoring Skills

The objective of this program is to help individuals become effective mentors within an organization.  It will lay the foundation for using one’s vision, experiences, and knowledge as a means of fostering faculty development.  Participants will self assess their mentoring skills and learn pragmatic techniques to understand the needs of mentees.  The benefits of a mentoring program include developing and retaining talent, encouraging communication and the sharing of knowledge, enhancing succession planning, all of which helps to create a learning organization.

Participants will learn how to:

Understand the needs of the mentee

Assess and align expectations

Learn a model for mentoring behavior

Identify the seven types of mentor assistance

Identify behaviors to avoid

Develop a mentor-mentee agreement

Envision outcomes and measure progress

Practice giving constructive feedback

Identify and address motivational issues

Address career development issues

Identifying special issues such as cross-gender and cross-cultural mentoring

How to use mentoring as a development experience for the mentor

Program Format:

This will be a highly interactive seminar focusing on the key challenges that one faces as a mentor.  It will include role-playing, case studies and opportunities for skills practice.

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