The Executive Coaching process is intended as an intense, one-on‑one, customized and personalized program designed to assist participants in enhancing their professional effectiveness and on‑the job performance.

The purpose of this program is to provide individual development to those in leadership positions or with high potential. This process is intended for the valued employee who the organization believes can become more effective by addressing key areas of concern, or to prepare them for increased responsibilities.

The participant receives comprehensive feedback from a multitude of sources and specific practical alternatives to deal with the issues that surface as well as any experience gaps.  Through a series of positive, constructive, and candid discussions, the participant receives the information necessary to implement changes that lead to long-term career development.

Benefits of Executive Coaching:

·         Provides an opportunity to enhance skills and work experience that will benefit the participant for their entire career.

·         Develops more effective working relationships among the management team.

·         Improves performance and productivity.

·         Assists in recognizing and dealing with blind spots in their behavior.

·         Helps recognize the impact of their style in achieving the results they desire.

·         Manages conflict and builds greater organization support for their mission.

·         Lead a team whether it be direct reports or a significant project group.

·         Influences key organization players.

·         Recognizes and effectively deals with resistance to organization change.

·         Successfully manages stress.

·         Sets and meets high performance goals.

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